How to Begin with Digital Scrapbook


#1 Locate downloaded file ( look in “recents” if you can’t remember where it went)

To unzip the file, just click on it.

#2 To open your scrapbook album - right click on it and go to OPEN WITH; I choose Goodnotes as my note reader, but you can use which ever you’d like.

#3 Goodnotes will ask if you would like to “import as New Document” click this button.

#4 Your album is now in Goodnotes. To open it, just click it.


Locate downloaded file ( look in “recents” if you can’t remember where it went)

And to unzip the file, just click on it.

Open your Goodnotes app and split screen with your files.

With your Goodnotes open to the Documents page, go to your files page that has your downloaded Scrapbook Album and click and press the scrapbook album and slide it over to the Goodnotes Document page, a GREEN PLUS sign should appear as you slide it over onto the Goodnotes page.

Once open there are a few basic things to get you started on either desktop or iPad.

On the top right of the page you will see a pen with a swirl around it, or a pen with a line through it…this is what takes you in and out of editing mode… when in editing mode, you cannot access the hyperlinks.

  • In edit mode the pen with the line through it is what you see.

Unfortunately Goodnotes does not yet provide an “arrange layers” within the app, so a work around that I have learned is this;

First add your paper layout … then add the image or images you would like to go under the layout.

With each photo crop, resize and move to where you would like it to be. THEN with the image sitting on top of the layout, double click (or TAP if using your iPad) anywhere on the layout and it will show you the photo BEHIND the layout.