Has the Endless Scrolling Got You Down?

Are there endless photos lost in the recesses of your phone, tablet or even your computer?

Have you, like me; spent what seems like hours scrolling back, back, and back looking for a photo?

I've tried organizing them, and I still spend hours scrolling and scrolling, because I'm not sure where I put the certain photo.

I think the solution is a simple, yet very lovely one - it's digital scrapbooking!

I loved all the scrapbooking methods back in the "traditional" days, the inked edges, the dimensional elements like flowers and ribbons, and buttons and everything else they would invent for us to use.

Well I have merged my love for creating, and my love for the techie stuff into a....... drum roll.....

a Digital Scrapbook

I just can't believe I get to create these, it is so much fun. And on top of it I then get to create the layouts that will hold my treasured photos... My grand baby photos will always be accessible... no more endless scrolling and scrolling.

Here is one of my pages I've already created.

Creating the "mulberry paper" was a bit of a challenge. If you aren't familiar with what mulberry paper is... it is the deep rose coloured paper that has pieces sticking out of it, and sitting just above the words " reading books is like planting seeds"

Another fun challenge was creating the lace, I think it turned out pretty good.

Are you intrigued at all now... are you thinking, hmmmmm... yah, I'd love to do this... how though, and where do I get a digital scrapbook???

As it so happens, I make and sell them... surprise surprise... LOL

AND, right now if you sign up for our email list, I will send you a FREE digital scrapbook album, yup FREE.

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